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"In 1979, I was working in Miami, Fl. with a famous Photographer, Bunny Yeager (famous Playboy Photographer who filmed Betty Page)!! Not posing nude, as she's famous for, but just as a colleague in the Miami modeling scene. I met her at a modeling agency or maybe Barbizon school of modeling, which I graduated from in 1979 (I can't remember for sure how I met Bunny, it was long ago!). So anyway, she was friends with some other people who were casting a movie being filmed in Davy and Miami Fl. called "CaddyShack". I didn't know until the first day on the set that Chevy Chase & Bill Murray were in it!! I was a huge SNL fan from the Bill/Chevy days!

 AND they needed 4 bikini girls to appear on the back of Rodney Dangerfields Yacht! So guess who Bunny Yeager got the part as one of the bikini girls in Caddy Shack? You guessed it, Me, Linda Roberts!! It was a blast, my scene was short, but I actually worked with the cast at the Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne for about 3 months!! What memories!! Here's an article clipping and also a page from Time magazine in 1980!! and below that is the actual media from the DVD!! I'm in them all! The most Awesome part of it all was the rap party, it was on my 19th birthday Nov. 22, 1979!!! So for my 19th, it was a movie-rap birthday party and I was wooping it up with Chevy, Bill, Rodney, and the entire Caddyshack gang!!! " Such A Blast! Linda Roberts


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