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The Cruise Ship Show - Life Onboard The Nordic Prince

  In 1986 to 1987, I spent about a year on the Caribbean cruise line ship "The Nordic Prince" as the lead singer in the main shows "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Makin' Waves" a Rabco Productions show engagement. The islands are so beautiful and the cast of the show became my bestest friends!!!

  Sleep-outs under the stars on the top deck... partying at the top of St. Thomas... Filming our own movie, "The Pink Dog", kind of a Kentucky fried movie of our own, to help pass the time when we were off 8 days a week!

  Our schedule was 2 shows every 9th and 10th day of the cruise so we essentially had 8 days a week off! I had never in all my years on the road and before, never taken a vacation. I just work, work, work all the time year round, and so this was like a paid vacation, it was really amazing!! I am so thankful to have experienced this type of show situation and of course the cruise ship experience!

  The sunsets were to die for and the weather and pleasantness of the islanders was such a breath of fresh air! I can say it was one of the best times of my life! I have so many more pictures than are on this page. I will scan more and add to this page as I can. I also plan to digitize my movie "The Pink Dog" and put it online. I was the producer, director, star along with the cast of the show playing various roles, screen writer, video editor and promoter, so I have all of the original copies. Anyway, I will do these things as I have the spare time... I'm busy as usual these days, work, work, work...

  Enjoy the pictures...



  "I'm your Venus, I'm your Fire, I'm your Desire"... This is what I was singing in this part of the show.

  It was really fun, the dancers and I would get a couple of gentlemen from the audience and bring them on stage sit them in chairs and sing to them and dance around them, getting them all hot and bothered because the skirts would come off the dancers...



  "Since I fell for you...." Is what I am singing in this picture. This was an incredibly intricate gown hand made by Rabco for this show (as far as I know) and fit me perfect!

  The room held about 1000 people so we did two shows (the same show) on the 9th night and 2 shows (the other show) on the 10th night of the cruise.

  These pictures were taken by the pro photographer on board who loved us in the show and became good friends and took all kinds of great pictures for us!!




We performed a few songs as a group with the lead male singer, John Leggio. What an incredible talent, and so energetic doing back flips and all!! Go John!


More coming soon...



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