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Travel thru Time - HerStory

  I was born in Venice Florida, people have always said I'm a male magnet and it started at birth. Funny story about my birth; I was the last baby girl born, with 11 boys born after me, in the Venice Hospital. Then the Venice hospital maternity ward was closed because the town was so small. From then on, new Mothers would have to travel 20 minutes to Sarasota Hospital. I have a newspaper clipping in my baby book about it, featuring my name as the Last Venice baby girl!

  I started singing before I could walk good, I've always been very vocal. My mother said one time that I was singing the day I was born, she just couldn't quite understand what song it was! Then at age 2 to 3, I started singing in Church and sang at the Christmas Sunday school recital where I was the only child who sang the entire song "Silent Night" on stage, out of 16 other children who were all supposed to sing. This was my first live solo performance and I really Loved it!

  I started watching Tina Turner when I was 2-3 years old and Michael Jackson when I was 5! I am so extremely inspired by both of these amazing artists and have a soulful style to show for it! My dream is to someday have tea the Queen of Rock-n-Roll TINA!! She's just amazing, currently, at age 70 on tour!! I would love to chat with her in person over tea! And record a Rockin' duet with her!! Now that would be heaven on Earth for me! And Michael, may he finally have peace, I did have the once in a lifetime private meeting with him on my 22nd birthday at the Royal Plaza Hotel Lake Buena Vista Florida!! I created a website about it and wrote the entire story on it. It's here: (it will open in a new window so you won't leave this site) if you'd like to read the story.

  At age 16 years old the first song I sang in front of a large audience with a working band was "Desperado" by the Eagles (the band was my great old friends "Trans Atlantic" consisting of Neil Kubik, Greg Googins, Micky Gyrcky & Larry Miller in Kissimmee, Fl.). I have 2 sisters, Terry & Lori, and 1 brother John my drummer. We're close siblings and so they are always not far from me throughout my life. Terry & I were roommates in Kissimmee.

  I sang as a stand in with "The Kids of the Kingdom" at Walt Disney World Florida when I was 16, 1977, on a summer work experience, I was working at Pinocchio Village Haus. In 1979, after working in Miami Florida and working on the smash hit movie "Caddy Shack" (read more about my caddyshack experience here), I moved back to Orlando from Miami and I began working at the then famous "Rosie O' Grady's Good Time Emporium" Church Street Station Orlando Florida, a downtown entertainment emporium. I sang and danced in a pre-show as a mini Red Hot Mama and then ran upstairs to the Mezzanine as a Can-Can dancer/ cocktail waitress. And three times per night we, the can-can dancers, slid down a fireman pole to the middle of the stage, ran and jumped up on the antique wooden bar and danced the can-can!! It was a great gig!! I'll have a picture that I found here soon, just gotta scan it!

  At the end of 1980 I was out partying at the "Giraffe Lounge in Lake Buena Vista Fl." with my great friend and co-worker from Rosie O' Grady's, Tony Mazzuko, and the band playing there that night was actually looking for a new lead girl singer! The band was named "Network" and it was a large 12 piece traveling band. I was invited to sing for them, I did Pat Benetar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"! And they loved it! I was hired on the spot and my life was changed! I was on the road traveling with bands and shows from 1981 to 1995. My page "On the Road" tells all about it! It was a huge part of my life and is still extending the experience into my life now! The rest of my band days history and band info is located on the "On The Road" Page of my site.

  In 1993 I was so inspired by meeting Steven Tyler and Aersosmith backstage at their concert in Raliegh, NC, that I spent the next year writing a screenplay called " Pandora's Box the screenplay" for Aerosmith! It's a sci-fi fantasy movie about saving the world!! I have a website for it here: Pandora's Box the Screenplay. I also spent that time learning computers inside and out! I actually got a copy of the screenplay synopsis to Steven Tyler backstage at a concert and he called me on the phone to say he loved it and would send it up to his people at Sony (their new Sony contract was starting). This was in Aug 1994 a week or so after Woodstock (which I went to and was on stage with Aerosmith taking pictures!!! But that's another story all together!!).

Then I moved to Manhattan (NYC) in March 1995 to December 1996! It was an enlightening experience and I love the city!! I love to sew and design outrageous fashions and costumes for stage. I was trying my hand at fashion design in NYC as well as singing at club openings, etc... It went well and I made a fairly decent living there and was able to live in Manhattan 4 blocks from the empire state building so it was cool! I went back to Florida for a 6 month hiatus when I left NYC, I needed to sleep! That city really does never sleep and you can conduct business at all hours! It's amazing there, the learning experience alone is priceless!

  In the spring of 1997, I was invited by my Mom to move out West to New Mexico. I love the west, Vegas, Reno, and Tahoe being favorite spots of mine, so I decided to give it a try. We left Florida and headed out to NM in April 1997. When I got here I hooked up with a Sax player in ABQ/Santa Fe and we jumped around sit-ins at some clubs meeting up with some other guys in the local scene. It's a very small area compared to what I'm used to and everything seems to move very slow. I had been working on learning computers since 1993 and was really good at building them and tech support, so I settled in and got a job as tech support at America Online in June 1997! It was fun just going to work for a company again. The last time I had done so was in 1980 at Church Street Station - Rosie O' Grady's Good Time Emporium as a Can-Can dancer/ waitress because of living on the road singing in bands and shows for so many years.

  So, the pace in NM was perfect for starting a family and I really was ready after all the years traveling and living in hotels. And I just so happened to meet a great man actually online through ABQ personals first, then it happened that he also worked at AOL too and so things progressed. We both stopped working at AOL and started our own Web Design Firm. Unfortunately, I lost my Mother Jan. 2000. Then 1 year almost to the day later in Jan. 2001, I gave birth to my son! I'm so amazed at how my life changed the minute my son was born and each day since! It's indescribable, and I know it's magic! He's my pride and joy. Now, I truly know the meaning of that phrase!

After moving closer to Vegas, I started spending more time songwriting and in the studio recording! I am planning to release my album hopefully by the first of 2013 ! I never realized how much money, long hours and work it takes to write, record and mix songs, I'm having a blast, but trying to fit it in!

  I have many great stories, many, many! A lot of my friends have heard some of my fantastic crazy stories of things I've done or seen or places I've been. Some of my friends and colleagues actually experienced some of this fun stuff with me. So what I'm going to do here on this page is create a stories list and there will be a link to click of the name of each story for each story page to open on it's own. If I try to put them on this page it will get too large! Anyway, check back for more of my fun stories of crazy times being in famous movies like "Caddy Shack" and "Super Cop" and on the road antics or meeting celebrities or just jamming and partying with friends, a couch on the wall, a steep uphill trip in St. Thomas, the making of the movie The "Pink Dog" on a cruise ship, and well stay tuned for that one, it's a doozy, and many more!!

  Currently, I am working full time behind the scenes. I own and operate a music studio and website  design and web programming  firm. I am a website development programmer, an internet marketing specialist, graphics design artist, and a video editing and commercial creation artist. I have always loved working behind the scenes, on set and stage design, costuming and best of all, writing. I sing regularly whenever and wherever I can (weddings, club jam sessions, etc.), and at my home in my studio. My immediate passion and foremost goal currently is to move back into the foreground as an artist, in acting, singing on stage and more time in the studio to release and promote my first Solo album with all Original music that I have been writing and recording over the past couple of years. My album is proposed to be named "Top Secret" after the title track on the album. I am currently seeking representation and recording offers. I will be offering samples of my songs over the next few weeks, on this website, if advised so. Stay tuned for more updates about my upcoming album!

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