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On the Road - Band Days

  I left my home state of Florida in 1981 to begin a 15 year life on the road with several bands & Shows throughout that time. I don't have the promo photo scanned into my computer yet for each and every band I was in, but I can tell you about the pictures that I do currently have on my website here.
  I hopped from hotel to hotel gig, then as time went on into larger gigs like casino lounges such as Resorts International and Ceasars Lounge in Atlantic City and MGM Grand Lounge in Reno. Also, during my time living on the road I was booked in Saudi Arabia for a 2 week tour for the Aramco American/Saudi oil company and also at one time I was on a cruise ship "The Nordic Prince" Carribean Cruise lines for 1 year in a Roger Minami Production vegas style show. Life on a cruise ship!! Read more about it on the "Crusie Ship Show" page.
  On my portfolio page I'm going to try to remember and list the names of hotels and cities I've performed in and the close date or at least year it was, so for that info please visit my portfolio page.

  This is a real early Florida Band I was in Called "Double Vision". These guys were awesome! Gary & I put this band together after "Network" folded. I can only remember three of their names, Than Laughton, Gary Huddelston and Chip Self! Sorry to the other two guys, you were awesome but it was a long time ago and I can't remember your names. Mike Robinson of "Robinson Productions" in Orlando Fl., was our agent and good friend!

  Also, I want to mention that one of my absolute favorite drummers to work with of all times, Joe Jackson, was in this band after the drummer in this picture went on his way!

  This was "Lovers", which was a band myself and Gary Huddelston joined after the Double Vision days. Cindy Tabor and her drummer boyfriend Mike (sorry last name escapes me) formed this band. We ultimately had an amazing guitarist name Richie Mellito play with us after Crazy Ray left to form his own band.

  This is also the band that I went to Saudi Arabia with! What a trip that was folks, yes, Saudi in 1985 no less, during the height of the Iran Iraq war and hijacking! But all was good and safe and when we got back home to the USA I kissed the ground at JFK airport! It really was an amazing experience, which is a long story that I will tell on another page in the "Saudi Arabia Tour" section...

  Fred Weiss and Contemporary Artist were our management and agency.

  This is "Crazy Ray's Amusement Park" and oh I can only remember the names of a few of these guys. Ray Strieb, Gary Huddleston and the others will come to me soon I hope! Forgive me guys, it was a long time ago!

  Ray was so fun to work with, he always kept things fresh with his hilarious comedy. He had every audience convinced that I had just signed my first record deal with Columbia. The deal was I only had to buy 4 more records at regular price in the next 2 years... ha ha .... Ba dum bum...

Again for this tour Fred Weiss and Contemporary Artist were our management and agency.

  Please excuse the bad scan of these pictures, I am ordering a new scanner and will replace them as soon as possible! This was "Intensity" my great band with my Brother John Roberts as the drummer and keyboard genius Albert Harvill along with "Coast to Coast" Alum Guitarist Jerry Little and on Bass Bill Batazzo! What a fun band and tight!

  This is the band that Bill, Jerry and I formed after Coast to Coast disbanned. I performed in Coast to Coast for 2 years but don't have a promo picture from that band. I do have videos when I appeared with them at the Showboat in Atlantic City, see my videos page.

  This tour was managed and booked by Monty Taylor and National Artist Corporation.

  This is the band that  "Coast to Coast" Alum Guitarist Jerry Little and I formed when we relocated to Atlantic City for a fun filled year or so! It was a great experience where I met a ton of great people working and living in that fast paced fun little city!

  I have other pictures from a different version of this band with 2 other girls in it as well, I'll scan and put up.

 This tour was also managed and booked by Monty Taylor and National Artist Corporation.




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