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Linda Roberts
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Name: Linda Roberts Height: 5ft. 2in. Bust: 36C Email:
Location: NM Weight: 118 Waist: 28in. Phone contact for Agents and Media personal on hardcopy promo.
Age range: 35-50 Hair: Brunette Hips:  36in.
Ethnicity: Eyes: Hazel Size: S

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Acting & Modeling Objectives:
TV Shows
Commercial Print


  1. JC Penny's Local Fashion Show Modeling and Pageants, age 2 to 4, Sarasota, Florida.
  2. "Skipper Chuck Show" child actress appearance age 6, Miami, Florida.
  3. Appeared in Local Shops TV commercials, Fashion Shows and Salons Hair Shows age 14 to 18, from Orlando to Miami, Florida.
  4. Appeared as a Bikini Girl on the back of Rodney Dangerfield's Yacht in the major motion picture "Caddyshack", scenes I'm in filmed in Key Biscayne, Florida, Fall of 1979.
  5. Appearance in "Time Magazine" with Rodney Dangerfield promoting "Caddyshack", 1980.
  6. Appeared as an extra/bit part in "Supercop", starring Ernest Borgnine, 1980.
  7. Appeared as an extra in the major motion picture "Smokey and the Bandit 2" and was considered as a stand in for Sally Fields, scenes filmed in Florida, 1979/80.
  8. Singer and Can-Can Dancer Rosie O' Grady's, Orlando, Florida, 1980.
  9. Appeared in various Local Tv Commercials, Orlando, Florida 1980.
  10. Lead Singer in Road Band "Network" beginning 1981 to perform on the road in hotel chain lounges; Marriot, Hilton, Adams Mark, Hyatt, Radisson and various others, in Various States, as well as Caesars' Lounge, Resorts International lounge, Trumps Castle, Atlantic City, NJ and MGM Grand in Vegas and Reno over the course of approx. 14 years from 1981 to 1995. Changed bands over the years, bands I fronted include; Network, Double Vision, Lovers, Coast to Coast, Intensity and others.
  11. During the road years I sang in Saudi Arabia for the Arab/USA oil company Aramco for a two week engagement in 1985.
  12. I sang the lead role on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line "The Nordic Prince" Cruise ship in the Vegas Style Rabco Shows "Makin' Waves and Let the Good Times Roll" 1987 to 1988.
  13. On the cruise ship I wrote, produced, directed, filmed and starred in a satire comedy (indie film) called "The Pink Dog", including all of the cruise ship crew and show cast, 1987.
  14. Local PR work, Club openings Singing and Fashion Design, NYC 1995 to 1996.
  15. Relocated to the Southwestern USA to take a break off the road, NM 1997, singing various weddings, local clubs and studio gigs.
  16. Started a web design firm, programming entertainment and other websites, 1997 to present.
  17. Appear on various websites and in various Voiceovers, Web commercials and Advertisements online, 1998 to present.
  18. Started a recording studio to begin recording my original music. Have a renewed passion for music and acting and have written, directed and starred in my first music video titled "Top Secret" presented on this website.


Barbizon School of Modeling 1979
John Jenks acting classes Miami, Fl. 1979
Ron Feldman Vocal lessons Orlando, Fl. 1981
John Casablancas Miami, Fl. 1981
Ron Feldman (American Idol vocal coach) Vocal Strengthening 1991 & 2011

Special Skills & Talents:
Vocal Accents
Song Writing
Music & Video Production
Fashion Design
Makeup Art
Jewelry Making

Sports & Hobbies:
Swimming, fishing, hiking, Horseback riding, videography, cooking and floral design





  Linda Roberts
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Female Vocalist
Vegas Act
Original Music
Lead Singer
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On the Road
Cruise Ship Singer
Vegas Show Lead Singer

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