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My Song List - Repertoire

  This is a very large list that I am compiling from memory for the most part. It's somewhat easy because most of the songs I have performed, I did every night for years on the road, so still I remember them well and am still performing many of the old songs! I am also researching online to remind me as well. I am finding that I have sang so many songs that I don't know if I can think of them all in a timely manner. I will list as many as I can for now and add more as I remember them, I don't want to delay the launch of the site.

  FYI - Silent Night was the first song I sang in front of a large audience on stage at church when I was 3 years old! I continued to sing at church and school and whenever I got a chance. Then later at age 16 years old the first song I sang in front of a large audience with a working band was "Desperado" by the Eagles (the band was my great old friends "Trans Atlantic" consisting of Neil Kubik, Greg Googins, Micky Gyrcky & Larry Miller in Kissimmee, Fl.).

  I then sang as a stand in with "The Kids of the Kingdom" at Walt Disney World Florida when I was 16, 1977, on a summer work program. In 1979, I began working at the then famous "Rosie O' Grady's Good Time Emporium" Church Street Station Orlando Florida, a downtown entertainment emporium. I sang and danced in a pre-show as a mini Red Hot Mama and then ran upstairs to the Mezzanine as a Can-Can dancer/ cocktail waitress. And three times per night we, the can-can dancers, slid down a fireman pole to the middle of the stage, ran and jumped up on the antique wooden bar and danced the can-can!! It was a great gig!! I'll have a picture that I found here soon, just gotta scan it!

  At the end of 1980 I was out partying at the "Giraffe Lounge in Lake Buena Vista Fl." with my great friend and co-worker from Rosie O' Grady's, Tony Mazzuko, and the band playing there that night was actually looking for a new lead girl singer! The band was named "Network" and it was a large 12 piece traveling band. I was invited to sing for them, I did Pat Benetar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"! And they loved it! I was hired and my life was changed! The rest of my history and band info is located on the "On The Road" Page of my site, enjoy the song list below:


  Tina Turner is one of my Idols and Role Models. I've Loved this woman's style and talent since I was 2 years old! I first watched Tina with the Ike and Tina Turner Revue on the Ed Sullivan Show and Dick Clark's Bandstand! She's absolutely amazing, currently at 70+ years old, Tina Turner did 2008-2009 a Concert in Europe!! And is wining awards, and rockin' hot as usual!! I would love love love to meet her and sit down for tea with the Queen of Rock-n-Roll! Here are the Tina songs I sing:

  • "What's Love Got to do with it" - By Tina Turner

  • "Private Dancer" - By Tina Turner

  • "Simply the Best" - By Tina Turner

  • "One of the Living" - By Tina Turner

  • "We don't need another Hero" - By Tina Turner

  • "Proud Mary -Rollin' on the River" - By Tina Turner

  • "Let's Stay Together" - By Tina Turner original by Al Green

  • "I can't stand the rain" - By Tina Turner

  • "Might have been Queen" - By Tina Turner

  Patti LaBelle is also one of my Idols and Role Models! I just Love her gospel vocal! And scatting talents. I actually had the great pleasure of meeting Patti once at the Hilton in Detroit where my band was playing the lounge and she was staying while touring and performing in Detroit. She stopped by the Hotel lounge after her concert and I sang "New Attitude" for her and the Sweeties! After the set, I came off stage and she asked me over to her table! She told me some great stories like how she used to heat hotdogs on light bulbs during her road days, that she consumes cayenne pepper tablets to help keep her throat clear and clean. Now, don't try this at home folks, I did and boy does that pepper burn coming out the next day! She also told me she was an overnight success after 15 years on the road!! I loved meeting her, it was such an honor and inspiration! I sing a few of her songs:

  • Patti's version of "Imagine" by John Lennon

  • "New Attitude" by Patti LaBelle

  Michael Jackson is one of my biggest Idols. I met him too and was in a hot tub with him! It's a long story which I have created a nice website just for it. If you are interested in reading my story called "My Secret Private Meeting with Michael Jackson" visit my website . This link will open in a new window so that you will not leave this website. I can honestly say that Michael inspired me the most of all of my Idols! I had his posters on my wall from an early age, and had all of his albums! I learned the words to his songs before I even started singing professionally and loved his dance moves! Michael gave me a huge sense of style and inspiration. I sing a few of his songs:

  • "Wanna be starting somethin'" (Michael heard me sing this song at the "Giraffe Lounge" in Lake Buena Vista Florida 1983, read more at my website) - By Michael Jackson

  • "Got to Be There" - Chakka Kahn's version by Michael Jackson

  • "Beat It" - by Michael Jackson

  • "Scream" - by Michael Jackson

  • "2 Bad" - by Michael Jackson

  • "Ben" - by Michael Jackson

  Aerosmith is my favorite Rock-n-Roll band of all times!! I have also had the extreme pleasure of going backstage at an Aerosmith concert to a meet and greet session and spent some quality time meeting and greeting with Steven and the Guys! I was so inspired, and have been since I was 13 years old (when they hit the scene), that I actually wrote a screenplay back in 1993-94 proposed to star Aerosmith called "Pandora's Box the screenplay" and got a copy of the synopsis to Steven and he called me personally on the phone about it in 1994!! I have a website up for it here: if your interested in learning more about this screenplay project of mine.  This link will open in a new window so that you will not leave this website. I have sang a few great Aerosmith songs:

  • "I don't want to miss a thing" - Aerosmith

  • "Love in an elevator" - Aerosmith

  • "Dream on" - Steven Tyler & Aerosmith

  Linda Ronstadt was very popular with an album of old Buddy Holly songs when I was a teen and became interested in pursing a singing career! I have a style to my voice similar to Linda Ronstadt (and my name is Linda and I even resemble her, ha ha), so when this album came out I was all over it. They're such timeless songs that I love singing them! I sing several of her songs:

  • "Blue Bayou" - By Linda Ronstadt

  • "That'll be the day" - By Linda Ronstadt original by Buddy Holly

  • "You're no Good" - By Linda Ronstadt

  • "When will I be Loved" - By Linda Ronstadt

  • "It's so Easy to fall in Love" - By Linda Ronstadt original by Buddy Holly

  Fleetwood Mac featuring Stevie Nicks is another band whose songs I love to sing and have performed for years! Here are a few:

  • "Dreams" - By Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac

  • "Rhiannon" - By Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac

  • "Landslide" - By Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac

  My early years included a very large diet of Elvis Presley music!! My Mother loved him and my sister and I even had a picture of Elvis on our bedroom wall (I was age 2-5). Elvis had a subliminal influence on me since my Mother listened and sang his songs while she was pregnant with me!! As did a lot of other young Mothers from that era. He was everywhere and huge when I was a kid!! I learned his songs automatically because they were aired so often on the radio stations and my Mom had all his albums!! I feel so comfortable singing Elvis' songs!! Here's the list I still do:

  • "Heartbreak Hotel" By Elvis Presley

  • "You ain't nothin' but a Hound Dog" By Elvis Presley

  • "Jailhouse Rock" By Elvis Presley

  Madonna is another great artist I admire! Of course, being on the road for the entire 1980's I sang quite a few Madonna songs, including but not limited to:

  • "Like a Virgin" - By Madonna

  • "Material Girl" - By Madonna

  • "Like a Prayer" - By Madonna

  • "La Isla Bonita" - By Madonna

  • "Causing a Commotion" - By Madonna

  • "Crazy for you" - By Madonna

  • "Express Yourself" - By Madonna

  • "Hanky Panky" - By Madonna

  • "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" - By Madonna

  • "Vogue" - By Madonna

  And Whitney Houston, another great influence on me and in the 1980's. I did all of her top songs:

  • "I wanna Dance with somebody" - By Whitney Houston

  • "I'm your Baby tonight" - By Whitney Houston

  • "How Will I Know" - By Whitney Houston

  • "I will always Love you" - By Whitney Houston

  Oh and one of my favorite blues/folk singers is Bonnie Raitt!! I sing several of her hits, including:

  • "Runaway" - By Bonnie Raitt original by Del Shannon

  • "Since I fell for you" - By Bonnie Raitt original by Buddy Johnson

  • "Something to talk about" - By Bonnie Raitt

  • "Thing called Love" - By Bonnie Raitt

  And I can't forget about crossover sensation Melissa Etheridge! I love her style and sing these of her songs:

  • "Bring Me Some Water" - By Melissa Etheridge

  • "Chrome Plated Heart"  - By Melissa Etheridge

  • "Come to my Window" - By Melissa Etheridge

  • "Don't You Need" - By Melissa Etheridge

  • "I'm the Only one" - By Melissa Etheridge

  • "Like The Way I Do" - By Melissa Etheridge

  Here are a variety of other popular songs I sing and have sang over the years. This list is compiled by memory and not alphabetized or in an order of any importance (other than the first one). I will take care of that once I'm finished compiling all of the songs, there are so many more I will be adding to this list as I think of them:

  • "I will Always Love You" - By Dolly Parton (Dedicated as My Mother's Favorite song)

  • "I'll Always Love you" - By Taylor Dane

  • "Break It To Me Gently" - By Juice Newton

  • "Send in the Clowns" - By Barbara Streisand by Stephen Sondheim

  • "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" - By Journey

  • "Hit me with your best shot" - By Pat Benatar

  • "Let's get Physical" - By Olivia Newton John

  • "Walk Like an Egyptian" - By The Bangles

  • "I'm so Excited" - By The Pointer Sisters

  • "I will Survive" - By Gloria Gaynor

  • "Suddenly" - By Billy Ocean

  • "Rhythm is gonna get you" - By Gloria Estefan

  • "Desperado" - By The Eagles

  • "Smooth Operator" - By Sade

  • "The Sweetest Taboo" - By Sade

  • "No Ordinary Love" By Sade

  • "Black Velvet" - By Alanna Miles

  • "Dance to the Music" - By Sly and the Family Stone

  • "I feel Good" - By James Brown

  • "Don't worry! 'bout a thing" - By Bob Marley

  • "Double Vision" - By Foreigner

  • "I'll tumble for ya" - By Boy George

  • "Do you really want to hurt me" - By Boy George

  • "Karma Chameleon" - By Boy George

  • "Moondance" - By Van Morrison

  • "Vision of Love" - By Maria Carey

  • "I'm your Venus" - By Bananarama

  • "Jump" - By Van Halen

  • "Time After Time" - By Cyndi Lauper

  • "Our lips are sealed" - By The Go Go's

  • "Love is a Battlefield" - By Pat Benetar

  • "Hit me with your best shot" - By Pat Benetar

  • "Nasty" - By Janet Jackson

  • "Nasty Girl" - By Vanity

  • "Every Breathe you take" - By The Police

  • "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" - By Eurythmics

  • "I Love Rock N' Roll" - By Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

  • "Call Me" - By Blondie

  • "Kiss" - By Prince

  • "Ain't Nobody" - By Chaka Khan

  • "Walking On Sunshine" - By Katrina and The Waves

  • "You Oughta Know" - By Alanis Morissette

  • "All I Wanna Do is have some fun" - By Sheryl Crow

  • "Everyday is a winding road" - By Sheryl Crow

  • "Home"  - By Sheryl Crow

  • "Rock Steady" - By Aretha Franklin

  • "Imagination" - Ella Fitzgerald (1940)




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